HR07: Full-time Hiring Process

  • Policy #: HR07
  • Responsible Authority: Manager, Employee Services
  • Approval Authority: President's Executive Committee
  • Executive Sponsor: Vice President, Human Resources
  • Approval Date: 1996/04/22
  • Last Reviewed: 2011/11/23
  • Mandatory Revision Date: 2016/11/23
  • Downloadable Version: Full-time Hiring Process


To administer a uniform and transparent selection process to hire full-time staff


All regular full-time positions below the level of President






President’s Executive Committee

Family Member

An employee’s spouse (including a common-law or same sex partner), child, step child, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, parent, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandparent, spouse’s grandparent, grandchild.



  1. The College strives to attract the best qualified candidates through the uniform application of  its selection procedures.
  2. As an equal opportunity employer, the College values diversity and is committed to the principles found in the Ontario Human Rights Code.
  3. The President Executive Committee (PEC) must approve the filling of:
    –  vacant complement positions,
    –  new positions, and
    –  new Initiatives/Opportunities Support Staff term positions.
  4. Once PEC has given its approval to fill a position, the hiring manager is to follow the hiring procedures found in the Human Resources Manager’s Guide to Hiring (Appendix 1).
  5. Competition notices will be posted for a minimum of five (5) working days and can be extended at the discretion of the hiring manager in consultation with Human Resources.
  6. Resumes will only be accepted through the online application process except under special circumstances.
  7. Selection Committees for Staff Selection
    7.1  Each competition is to have a Selection Committee to assist the hiring manager in selecting the best eligible candidate for the position.
    7.2  Each Selection Committee will be chaired by the hiring manager who will invite other individuals to join the Committee. Human Resources will act as a resource to the hiring manager.
    7.3   The Selection Committee should consist of at least three persons who have been selected for their expertise, represent different staffing levels, employee groups and departments. Every effort must be made to ensure that both genders are represented on the Committee.
    7.4  Selection Committee members must declare if there are any reasons that would prevent them from making an objective decision.  Selection Committee members must remove themselves from the Committee if one of the candidates being interviewed is a family member.
  8. Guidelines for Selection Committees
    To ensure a fair process, each Selection Committee will adhere to the following guidelines:
    8.1  The background, interests and aspirations of the candidates to a position are a matter of privilege and for this reason the information obtained as a member of the Selection Committee must remain confidential to the members of the Committee.
    8.2  Selection criteria will be established by the hiring manager and reviewed with the Selection Committee prior to assessing the candidates’ resumes.  The selection criteria will be determined according to the notice of competition and the job description for the position.
    8.3  All full-time internal candidates whose resume meets the core requirements of the position will be interviewed. The hiring manager will contact the full-time internal candidates that did not meet the core requirements to inform them of the reasons for not receiving an interview.
    8.4  For Administrative positions, where the qualifications and experience of applicants are relatively equal, consideration shall be given to those candidates who are in the process of, or who have completed the Algonquin Leadership program.
    8.5  For positions in the Support Staff Bargaining Unit and Academic Bargaining Unit, members of the Committee must be aware of and adhere to the job posting provisions of the respective Collective Agreements.  Any interpretation of the Collective Agreements should be directed back to Human Resources.
    8.6  The selection committee will recommend the leading candidate and the hiring manager will request the candidate’s approval to complete the reference checks.
  9. References
    9.1  Both internal and external references will be checked by the hiring manager.
    9.2  The references obtained will be recorded and forwarded to Human Resources with the completed Submission for Appointment form.
  10. Academic Requirements
    10.1  Every position has job-related requirements which include academic or professional credentials, technical knowledge and work experience. 
    10.2  The minimum credential required of professors in degree, diploma and certificate programs is one level higher than the program being taught.  It is also recognized that in special circumstances it may be necessary to hire faculty with less than the minimum credential.  In these cases, the approval of the Vice President, Academic is required.
    10.3  The leading candidate must provide evidence of his or her credentials.  In the case of a professor, to ensure compliance with the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB) requirements,  the College requires directly from the granting agency evidence of the highest academic credential earned and/or any required professional credential claimed by the candidate.
  11. Appointment
    11.1  The hiring manager will not select a family member into a position that reports directly to them or through their reporting chain.
    11.2  The hiring manager will inform Human Resources of the hiring decision. The hiring manager will ensure that the unsuccessful interviewed candidates are contacted and informed of the committee’s decision.
    11.3  The start date of the new employee will be established in compliance with Policy HR 10  New Employee Orientation.
    With the exception of letters of offer for Presidential and Vice-Presidential positions, the Vice President, Human Resources will be the signing officer for all letters of offer.
  12. Appointments Without Competition
    12.1  In special circumstances, as approved by the President , individuals may be appointed to a regular full-time administrative position without competition.
    12.2  The Collective Agreement for Academic employees has a provision in Appendix V for the conversion of a sessional appointment to a full-time regular position, under certain circumstances in the absence of a competition.
  13. Selection Assisted by External Consultants
    13.1  The decision to engage an external consultant must be recommended by a PEC member to the President for approval.
    13.2  The external consultant will be advised by Human Resources of the College’s policies pertinent to the hiring process.
  14. Re-employment of Previous Employees
    14.1  Employees who received a voluntary separation package or who were involuntarily separated from the College will not be considered for re-employment for a period of time   that is at least equal to the length of term of notice and/or the payment provided at the time of departure.
    14.2  During that period such former employees shall not be re-employed on a permanent, temporary, part time, sessional, fee for service or contractual basis whether independently or as part of a consulting firm.
    14.3  This provision will not apply to employees laid off under the terms of either the Support Staff or Academic Collective Agreements who maintain their recall rights.
    14.4  Deans and Directors are responsible to ensure departmental compliance to this policy. Hiring Managers are individually accountable for adherence to this policy.
    14.5  Human Resources will provide employees, who have received a voluntary separation or involuntary separation payout, with a copy of Section 14 of this policy.
  15. Interpretation
    15.1  The Vice President, Human Resources, is responsible for the interpretation of this policy.  Its application is the joint responsibility of administrators and the Vice President, Human Resources.
    15.2  This policy supersedes all other policies of the College with respect to the recruitment and  selection of full-time regular staff below the level of President and is subject to the provisions of  the Academic and Support Staff Collective Agreements.








Approval to Post a Position




Review and update the position description.  If the position is updated, submit to the appropriate evaluation committee for review.


Hiring Manager


Submit to the immediate manager one of the following completed  forms for recommendation to approve filling a position (Appendix 2):

  • Request to Fill a Complement Position

  • Request for Approval of New Position

  • Request for Approval of I-O Position (Support Staff)


Hiring Manager


Submit the recommendation to approve filling a position to the PEC member for  consideration. 


Hiring Manager


If request is supported, present request to PEC for approval to fill the position.


Vice President


Posting an Approved Position




Submit to Human Resources the appropriate completed form to fill a  position, approved by PEC, along with an electronic copy of the job description and a draft job posting.


Hiring Manager


Finalize the job posting and post the position on the College internal website and distribute copies to pre-determined  posting areas.  Post positions for professors on the Ontario Colleges website.


Recruitment Officer,Human Resources


Coodinate advertising of position, if required.


Recruitment Officer, Human Resources


Work closely with hiring manager to identify alternate or additional advertising avenues if targeted recruitment is needed.


Recruitment Officer, Human Resources


Contact the hiring manager to confirm the processes and procedures to be followed to fill a position.


Recruitment Officer, Human Resources


Candidate Selection




Establish a Selection Committee, as described in Policy article 7.3 above.


Hiring Manager


 Develop selection criteria based on the job posting and job description for the position.


Hiring Manager


Give to the hiring manager access to the applications received on-line, after the competition is closed.


Human Resources


Convene a meeting of the Selection Committee. Review with Committee members its role to provide insight and make a recommendation on the leading candidate to the Chair.


Hiring Manager


Use the selection criteria to select  candidates for interviews.


Hiring Manager, Selection Committee


Ask Selection Committee members if there are any reasons that would prevent them from making an objective decision, including interviewing a family member.


Hiring Manager


Prepare a set of questions and any employment tests and/or job simulations to be used with all candidates invited for an interview.


Hiring Manager, Selection Committee


Invite to an interview all selected candidates and any full-time internal candidates whose resume meets the core requirements of the position. Give the candidates the date, time and location of the interview and advise of any tests or presentation that will be given as part of the selection process.


Hiring Manager


Provide the Selection Committee members packages forty eight (48)  hours in advance of the interviews, if possible. The package are to include the questions, the rating scheme, the resumes, the job description and the posting.


Hiring Manager


Interview candidates and select the leading candidate.


Selection Committee


Collect the notes from the interviews from all Selection Committee members and return them to Human Resources.


Hiring Manager


Offer of Employment




Get permission from the leading candidate to contact employment references.  A Reference Check form is found on the Human Resources website under Hiring Manager – General Forms .


Hiring Manager


Inform the leading candidate if a professor position is to be filled that proof of qualification must be received by Human Resources from teh granting agency before an official offer can be made.


Hiring Manager


Contact at least two employment references.


Hiring Manager


Contact the successful candidate and make an offer of employment. 


Hiring Manager


Complete and sign the Submission for Appointment form (available from the Human Resources Web site) and   obtain the signature of the immediate manager.  


Hiring Manager


Forward the following documentation to Human Resources for final approval:

  • the composition of the Selection Committee ,

  • the completed  Submission for Appointment form,

  • a copy of the successful candidate resume and reference checks,

  • a salary calculation for the hire of a full-time or partial load professor,

  • the criteria used to select the successful candidate,

  • the list of candidates interviewed,

  • an overview of the Selection process,

  • All the committee’s documentation on each candidate.        


 Hiring Manager


Provide an official  offer of employment in writing to the successful candidate.


Human Resources


Notify all unsuccessful interviewed candidates of the outcome of the competition.


Hiring Manager


Notify all other candidates not selected for an interview of the outcome of the competition.


Human Resources


Appendix 1         Manager’s Guide to Hiring , August 2010
Appendix 2         Forms Required during Hiring  Process

HR 10       New    Employee Orientation 


Ontario Human Rights Code, R.S.O 1990, c, H.19




Manager’s Guide to HIRING, August 2010





Forms mentioned in this policy are found on the Human Resources Website under Recruitment and Selection.