Frequently Asked Questions for Paramedic

How can I get in to the Paramedic program? What increases my chances?

The application and selection process for the Paramedic program is as follows:

Ensure eligibility by a thorough understanding of program requirements and deadlines. Go to:

Apply before the deadline February 1st in the year that you wish to start (Fall intake only).

Arrange and complete testing with the Test Center (for information on Health Occupations tests go to the Student Support Services web site at:

Rank ordering is based on your test score plus points awarded for a University degree; College diploma; Pre-Health Sciences certificate or Pre-Nursing certificate; Pre-Service Firefighter certificate (note – maximum points are awarded to candidates with a University degree)

You will then receive a conditional acceptance if you are one of the top 50 candidates or in the top 100 you will be placed on a waiting list.

You must submit proof of all prerequisites for the Paramedic program by deadlines indicated.

 How can I be successful in the Paramedic program?

The program is intensive in nature. Minimum passing grade is B– (70%) in theory and A– (80%) in lab. If you work part-time or do not have secure finances you will find it difficult to be successful. Excellent study skills and time management are key.

How has the Paramedic profession changed?

The profession has changed dramatically in the last decade. Academic knowledge and skills sets have increased exponentially to the extent that graduates are extensively trained in critical decision making to be able to provide sound clinical judgment in diagnosis and patient care.

Is there a waitlist for the Paramedic program?

There is a waiting list for this program. After the 1st of August, a few candidates who have submitted proof of all program perquisites may be contacted to replace candidates who have failed to meet the requirements.

Will taking the General Arts and Science Pre-Health Sciences assist with my acceptance into the program?

Students who do not have a University degree or College diploma should apply to the General Arts and Science Pre-Health Sciences or Pre-Nursing programs. There is an agreement in place that the top 2 or 3 candidates in these programs will be giv¬en a conditional seat in the Paramedic program.

Is there a fitness test?

There is no fitness test on entry, however there are fitness standards in strength, cardio, and flexibility that must be met at the end of the first semester.

Will I need to purchase a computer?

This is a mobile learning program and you are required to supply and use a laptop or mobile learning device that meets or exceeds the recom- mended hardware requirements as designated by the program. Specifications are outlined at:

How do I obtain a Class F license?

You would obtain a Class F license through the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. Candidates must have a Class G license to apply for a Class F. Algonquin College offers courses in obtaining theClass F license through the Centre for Continuing and On-line Learning. For more information contact Flo Gauthier at 613-727-4723 ext. 5079 or