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The Algonquin College Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) was established in 1999.  The CRC name was changed to Program Review Committee (PRC)in 2013. Since its inception, the PRC has evolved significantly and overseen the establishment of numerous processes and tools to aid the College community with program proposal development, approval and implementation. The Program Development Guide (or the Guide) is a resource intended to assist program developers with the navigation of the program proposal development process.

Developed with input from past and present members of the PRC, this Guide represents a compilation of the work of many individuals dedicated to the integrity and quality of Algonquin College programs, whose efforts are grounded in the common goal of student success.  The contributions and commitment of PRC members are here acknowledged.

Guide website construction was led by Louisa Lambregts, Professional and Educational Content Development, Learning and Teaching Services and Stewart Yemen, Web Services, with the assistance of Trudy Price and Shannon Park, Administrative Assistants in the Academic Development department. Their contributions are gratefully recognized.

How to Use the Program Development Guide (the Guide)

The Guide was developed for web based use and is available from the Academic Development Homepage under the Program Development link. Throughout the Guide references are made to available forms, templates and other resources that may be accessed from the website. It is recommended that program developers peruse each of the Guide links, to familiarize themselves with the content and resources available to support proposal development.

Note that the print version of the Guide reflects only the narrative content provided on the website. The website must be accessed to obtain the supporting resources. Select documents or forms referenced within the Guide, notably the Program Creation/Update Form (PUF), are only available with access to the College Intranet.


The Guide provides a step-by-step overview of the Program Development, Approval and Implementation Process.

Who Should Use this Guide?

This Guide will be useful for individuals interested in developing and launching a new program or proposing a program modification (i.e., changes to the program title, vocational learning outcomes, program of study/program duration).

What Can You Find in this Guide?

  • Process Roadmap: an at-a-glance view of the major phases of the program development process.
  • Program Proposal Resources: instructions, key documents, templates, and resources to complete and submit a new program proposal or a program modification.