Photonics students in photonics lab at Algonquin College

Photonics and Laser technology has impacted virtually all segments of society and industry, from the way we communicate, harness energy from the sun, manufacture things, measure things (including many important new medical instruments and laser-based therapies) and finally entertain ourselves with colourful displays in all sizes and shapes.

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The growth of these diverse, but linked, optical technology based areas is inevitable and will require broadly trained professionals able to contribute to the evolution of the industry. The training required involves both a solid grounding in theory as well as a considerable level of experience in relevant hands on skills.

The electronics industry, just one of the sectors dramatically affected by the growth of photonics, has previously been the driver of communication. This area has been largely and increasingly, superseded by a combination of fibre optic and wireless communication, and this shift in technology is expanding as the sharing of information increases.

Algonquin College is one of only two colleges in Ontario offering photonics education, while photonics graduates are in demand in Ontario and beyond. Our graduates seek employment in biotech, fibre optics & telecommunications, optics, laser and space technology industries.

Algonquin Photonics Labs, Equipment & Capabilities Overview

The Photonics and Global Needs

Because Photonics applications are everywhere, the focus is around the following major Photonics areas of Global Needs where rapid change and breakthroughs are taking place:

    1. Information Technology and Telecommunications;
    2. Health Care and the Life Sciences;
    3. Optical Sensing, Lighting, and Energy;
    4. Industrial Manufacturing;
    5. National Defense;
    6. Aerospace, Aviation and Transportation;
    7. Construction and Metrology;
    8. Manufacturing of Optical Components and Systems; and
    9. Research and Education.

Career Opportunities

Every area of modern life is affected by photonics, the science of generating and harnessing light. Increase your marketability by gaining photonics expertise.

Graduates of this innovative program are prepared for careers in these areas and more:

  • Biotech and medical research
  • Fibre optics & telecommunication
  • Holographic technology
  • Imaging
  • Laser technology
  • Optical coatings
  • Crystal manufacturing
  • Optical device manufacturing
  • Optical hardware design
  • Space technology

The Algonquin College Difference

  • Algonquin College is one of only two Ontario colleges offering a photonics program.
  • The College possesses dedicated optical, microelectronic and  photonic laboratories.
  • Students gain critical hands on skills in optical networks, laser and related technologies.
  • Final year of the program includes an intensive photonics research project often linked to an industry partner.
  • Job prospects are growing in Ontario and also in Canada as a whole (our graduates have also found related work in the USA, Europe, Africa and Asia).