Program Quality Assurance

Program Quality Assurance at Algonquin College provides a process for the ongoing formative and summative evaluation of College programs and the services that support learning and impact academic delivery. The College Program Quality Assurance model promotes institutional learning and renewal, guides decision-making and promotes accountability. The process aligns with initiatives of the Ontario College Quality Assurance Service (OCQAS) and the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB).

The Program Quality Assurance (PQA) process is directed by Policy AA38 and has three elements: Annual Curriculum Review (ACR), Annual Program Mix Review and Program Quality Review (PQR). PQA also includes the cyclical review of online elective General Education courses.

Program Quality Assurance Framework

Thumbnail of the Program Quality Assurance Framework Diagram

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Annual Curriculum Review

The Annual Curriculum Review (ACR) is the process used to review and revise curriculum based on College strategic directions, applicable Program Quality Review (PQR) recommendations; new Program Standard releases; feedback from students, professors, advisory committee members, program councils; and analyses of various survey, and other data. The process results in the development of a new version of the curriculum to be offered in the next academic year and assists in maintaining program currency and relevancy. Outcomes that emerge from ACR include course loading, timetabling, Course Outline Mapping and Management System (COMMS) content, and program publications.

Annual Program Mix Review

The Annual Program Mix Review is a review of the Quality Index and Financial Contribution of all full-time College programs against established benchmarks.

Program Quality Review

The Program Quality Review (PQR) is a comprehensive cyclical program quality review process, normally conducted every five years for all programs. Building on Annual Curriculum Review activities, each program is assessed against established quality criteria which include College strategic directions. Findings, recommendations for improvement, and an implementation plan are documented in a PQR report.  Accountability for implementation of the recommendations rests with the Dean.

The Program Quality Assurance process also includes a comprehensive review of each online course in the General Education course in the College pool. Courses in the General Education pool are program independent and are not reviewed during PQR. Each pool course must be reviewed at least every five years.