Bachelor of Building Science

Canada’s first Bachelor of Building Science program, this four-year Bachelor of Science degree has been designed to bridge all facets of building design, construction, human comfort and sustainability. Usually studied at a master’s level, the Bachelor degree program allows student to focus on their career sooner with hands-on experience backed by the same theory they would learn in a University setting.

What is a Bachelor of Building Science?

The Bachelor of Building Science program has been designed to provide students with a broad knowledge base about all facets of building construction, from design to construction and systems integration in order to maximize human comfort and sustainability. Students are exposed to a broad cross-section of the construction building trades theory, and with two mandatory co-op semesters, graduate with a degree that provides them a variety of career options.

This degree is ideal for students who are looking for a broad Bachelor’s program with practical hands-on experience in our learning labs, and small class sizes. The degree focuses on providing students with a breadth of information on the intertwined nature of building ecosystems, and the different facets of building and construction.



The flexible nature of the degree allows students to start at three different levels:

  • From High School or no previous experience, Students can enter level 1 by applying through Students need an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent with a minimum of six Grade 12 university (U) or university/college (M) courses, including one Grade 12 U English course, one Grade 12 U Mathematics course and one grade 12 U Science course (Physics preferred) with a grade of 70% in the required courses and an overall average of 65% in the six Grade 12 U, or M courses.
  • Students with a recognized diploma from Architectural Technician, Construction Engineering Technician, or Mechanical Engineering Technology may enter into the second year of the program with Advanced Standing, leaving only 3 years of study to finish the degree.
  • Students with a recognized Advanced Diploma in Architectural Technology or Civil Engineering Technology may enter the third year of study with Advanced Standing, leaving only two years of study to finish the degree. For those students entering in the third year, they must also demonstrate a minimum of 560 hrs of work experience.

Students who are adept in mathematics and applied science and interested in construction, architecture, engineering and problem solving tend to do well in this program. Successful students tend to enjoy to use drawings and spatial reasoning to visualize possibilities, and are inquisitive about the reasoning behind the choices and decisions made during building construction.

The small class sizes of the program allow students to form tight-knit working groups, developing exceptional communication, problem-solving and planning skills. Classes typically run Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm at our Ottawa campus. Students have between 6 and 9 hours a week in the lab, and have the opportunity to do site visits as well as gain industry experience from two mandatory co-op semesters and professors who are actively working in the industry.

Where can I find out more information on the industry?

If you would like to learn more about the industry and Building Science, we recommend you visit the following associations.

Educational Options

On occasion, students have used previous programs to gain advanced standing in the program.

If you decide that you want to pursue your education to a master’s or doctorate level, this degree will provide you with a foundation and the credential to do so.

There are also options that will build on your education at Algonquin College, including the Green Architecture Graduate Certificate and the upcoming Building Information Modeling Graduate Certificate.

Your Career

Building Science is a rapidly emerging field and new jobs are expected to be created as the field continues to evolve. Students can expect to work a broad variety of positions depending on their own personal interests, and have options within government (municipal, provincial or federal) or in the private sector.

Based on industry research, potential job titles include:

  • Architectural or Construction Project Managers
  • Building Inspector (Residential or Commercial)
  • Researchers
  • Junior Analysts
  • Building Specialists
  • Independent Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Project Associate/Specialist/Professional
  • Building Science Project Manager
  • Building Systems Coordinator
  • Energy Advisor; Energy Solutions Specialist
  • Building Information Modelling Drafter
  • Administrator Energy Consumption and Analysis
  • Quality Control Inspector
  • Building Envelope Consultant/Researcher

A Survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that graduates with a bachelor’s degree in construction science or construction management attained an average salary of $63,000 CAD per year, rising to over $90,000 with experience.

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