Winners of Applied Research Day!

Masterpiece VR

1st Place Winning Project

Masterpiece VR is a Virtual Reality application used to create stunning 3D art, including sculptures,paintings, and even whole scenes. This is all achieved through a combination of PhD level mathematics,cutting-edge technology and professional grade software/UI design.

Principal Investigator: Christopher Elliot
Partner: Brinx Software
Team: Nicolas Blier; James Hargrove; Gabrian Boileau and Morgan Morrell-Frewen

SmartMoms Canada

2nd Place Winning Project

SmartMoms is a mobile technology-based program designed to help women adhere to the gestational weight gain (GWG) guidelines, improve maternal-fetal health and attenuate the intergenerational cycle of obesity (fewer big babies, less post- partum weight retention and subsequent obesity in mom). The developed system consists of two mobile applications (Android and iOS), a web application and a backend server. Feedback that considers participant’s data gathered from Wi-Fi enabled accessories (FitBit physical activity tracker and an electronic weight scale) and provides personalized recommendations.The SmartMoms intervention also includes regular delivery of health information to women regarding their weekly GWG, physical activity and nutritional goals via the application.

Principal Investigator: Christopher Elliot
Partners: School of Human Kinetics, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa
Team: Matthew Boyd; Dylan Griffiths; Kari Ball; Vlad Tonkogonov; McKenzie McGilchrist; Matt Young and Justin Bennett

Robotic Mower (GreenCare)

3rd Place Winning Project

The product provides an autonomous lawn cut. It does the job and comes back to its docking station.

Principal Investigator: Hooman Abdi
Team: Pietro Pucci; Mustafa Al Rubai; Bradley Domjan and Victor Silva Lago; Zachary OuelletGreencare team


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