Project Examples

#FlashForward Youth Outreach

Centre: Health and Wellness Research Centre
Project Manager:
Kevin Holmes
Academic Program:
Broadcast TV and Advertising
Client: The Ottawa Hospital

Summary: What happens when high school students with video cameras are set loose to communicate real life challenges in our local hospitals? #FlashForward in is an afterschool program that engages local youth via a video competition. Teams of high school students from across the region under the mentorship of Algonquin College Students and experts inside The Ottawa Hospital to produce short public service announcements on a variety of hospital topics. Read more.

Automatic Tracking System and Personal Trainer

Centre: Health and Wellness Research Centre
Project Manager:
Kevin Holmes
Academic Program:
Graphic Design, Computer Engineering and Fitness and Health Promotion
Client: GymTrack Inc.
Summary: Development of a mobile application for tracking workouts that can be used by gyms to offer virtual personal training.  A follow-on project currently underway has the system being assessed through the first full scale pilot installation of the developed technology in the Fitness Zone run by the Algonquin Student Association. Read more.

3D Sentry Colleges Ontario

Buried Cable Perimeter Security System

Centre: Full Spectra Centre
Project Manager: Theo Mirtchev 
Academic Program: Electrical Engineering Technology, Wireless Technology, Science Without Borders International Exchange

Client: 3D Sentry Corporation Inc.
Summary: The goal of this multi-year project is to develop a new generation of Cable-Guided-Radar security system for protecting sensitive infrastructure. The project started in 2014, when a desktop hybrid analog/digital Radio Frequency prototype was built and tested. In Summer 2015, the team successfully transformed this prototype into a compact embedded all-digital FPGA-based system. The new pre-production system is now ready for commercialization and deployment. Featured in Colleges and Institutes Canada’s Vignette publication (April 2015). 

DSCF2511Board Management System Beta-Prototype

Centre: Full Spectra Centre (and partly funded by Design Centre & Construction Research Centre)
Project Manager: Katherine Richardson
Academic Program: ICT, Interactive Media Design
Client: 8868662 Canada Inc., o/a BoardSpace
Summary: BoardSpace is an easy-to-use board management system uniquely designed for Boards of Directors. Meeting minutes requires no additional effort post-meeting, decisions arising from meetings are communicated in real time and automatic tracking reduces the effort to stay on top of implementation. BoardSpace creates an audit log that preserves corporate knowledge and records. With BoardSpace, directors and managers can rest easier knowing that they have increased their accountability and reduced risk for the corporations’ stakeholders. 

Carrot Video Search EngineCarrot Search Engine User Interface/Experience

Centre: Design Centre
Project Manager: John Omura
Academic Programs: Interactive Media Design, Library and Information Technician, Graphic Design, Science Without Borders (Brazilian student exchange program)
Client: Carrot Holdings Inc
Summary: The Carrot User Interface empowers an interactive mobile app experience, inviting users to explore the world of knowledge to be found on the Carrot website. The Carrot website will contain a vast online encyclopedia of crowd-sourced and company-sourced content, packaged as ‘Carrots’ – concise three-minute educational videos on virtually any topic. The Carrot User Interface uses a virtual 3D library paradigm, providing a flexible and extensible scheme that encourages the user to explore and discover Carrots of interest in an engaging and entertaining experience.

L8RMsg Mobile AppL8Ron (formerly L8Rcall)

Centre: Design Centre
Project Manager: John Omura
Academic Programs: Interactive Media Design, Mobile Application Development, Computer Engineering Technology
Client: RideShark Inc
Summary: L8Ron is a unique mobile app providing individuals with a reliable, delayed communication service, independent of their chosen communication device and preferred mode of communication. It allows the user to record a call, text message, or email to be delivered at a later time as specified by the sender. Because it is cloud-based, the message can be stored and resent later, even if the sender’s device is turned off.

ARI Day Pictures323_Perth_scaleHeat Exchanger

Centre: Applied Research at Perth Campus
Project Manager: Kerry Milford
Academic Program: Mechanical Engineering Technology
Client: PMZ
Summary: This project was to develop a heat exchanger system that would recover wasted heat that would be used to heat potable water to fully or partially meet the restaurant demand. The design includes a commercial heat recovery system that offsets CO2 and natural gases, a fixture frame and control system.

Residential Living Laboratory

Centre: Applied Research at Perth Campus
Project Manager: Kerry Milford
Academic Program: Green Architecture, Advanced Housing
Client: Office of Applied Research and Innovation
Summary: The Residential Living Laboratory (RLL) will be a 1600 square foot building located at the Perth campus. This lab will be used as a collaborative space for students, faculty and clients engaged in Applied Research projects and training for Highly Skilled Personnel. Research projects are in support of driving innovation within the construction sector as well as opportunities within the many disciplines offered at the Perth campus. Read more.


Solar Decathlon – ECHO

Centre: Construction Research Centre
Project Manager: Alex Yang
Academic Program: Team Ontario is a collaboration of students and faculty from Queen’s University, Carleton University and Algonquin College (Computer Engineering Technology, Interactive Media Design).
Client: Team Ontario Solar Decathlon
Summary: The Ecological Home (known as “ECHO”) is designed to be “off the grid” and self-sustaining. It performs water reclamation and generates power via solar panels. It is also built to be transported easily to new locations. It employs a variety of technical instrumentation and devices to allow for reduced energy consumption and better maintainability, as well as reduced emissions. This is Team Ontario’s entry to the 6th biennial U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition. Read more.


Lake Bottom Sediment Sampling on Muskrat Lake

Centre: Applied Research at Pembroke Campus
Project Manager: Julie Sylvestre
Academic Program: Environmental Technician
Client: Water Adaptation Management and Quality Initiative (WAMQI), Muskrat Watershed Council (MWC), the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC), and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Summary: Collect lake bottom sediment to determine current phosphorous levels, how much nutrient loading has occurred over time, and whether the lake is naturally eutrophic. The low-laying sediment at the bottom of Muskrat Lake could yield clues as to whether the lake is improving or degrading. Nutrient loading, primarily phosphorous and nitrogen, from its many tributaries has compromised the integrity of the lake.
Yearly project updates: 2014, 2015