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Welcome to the Centre for Accessible Learning – Ottawa Campus

Working together for accessible learning.

The Centre for Accessible Learning is committed to ensuring our students have equal access at Algonquin College. We hope that you take advantage of our excellent services and supports. The CAL provides academic accommodations and educational support services for students who have permanent and/or temporary disabilities. With more than ten percent of the student population registering for services, our goal is to provide the necessary accommodations to equalize the opportunity for students to meet their essential course or program requirements. Additionally, interim accommodations may be provided to students who are in the process of being assessed for a disability. Services are confidential, free and voluntary. Students are, however, required to self-identify in order to access services. We are mandated by the Human Rights Commission’s Guidelines for Accommodating Persons with Disabilities, the Ontario Human Rights Code and Algonquin College Policy AC01. Learn more about how to register with the CAL.