Algonquin students make great employees.

Experiential learning at Algonquin College is a key component of the Algonquin Experience. In addition to hands-on learning in simulated environments, many of our programs offer clinical experience, or paid co-op with local employers. This combination of theoretical knowledge and realistic experience produces job-ready students who have a holistic knowledge of their fields.

Whether you’re looking to complement a student’s education by hosting a co-op placement, or expand your workforce by hiring a student or new graduate, we invite you to consider the dedicated, knowledgeable students of Algonquin College.

Hire an Algonquin co-op student to intern at your company

Infuse your company with new ideas and enthusiasm by hiring a co-op student. Co-op employers can add innovative talent to their team through our easy process, while getting directly involved in the development of potential future employees.

Enjoy the chance to cost-effectively recruit the best and the brightest Algonquin has to offer while getting the help you need.  Private sector employers in Ontario can also apply for a $3000 tax credit.

Find out more about becoming a co-op employer.

Hire an Algonquin graduate or student

Algonquin College’s Employment Support Centre can connect your company with a current student for part-time employment or a graduate for full-time employment opportunities.

In addition to online job postings, we can help you with a variety of no-cost services for employers, including interview and presentation space to meet with students and graduates on campus. Please Carol Ann Mahoney for more information.

Have a job opening for a student or graduate? Post your job now!