What is General Education?

Employers value staff who have a broad-based education. It makes them more adaptable in a workplace that is constantly changing. As a result, General Education courses are offered to help students gain a wider view of the world by enrolling in courses that are outside their chosen program.

In the 1990’s, across the province, employers expressed concerns that graduates of community colleges required a more broadly-based education to prepare for their careers in a rapidly-changing workplace. The Ontario government responded by introducing new curriculum requirements for college programs, requirements that focused on employability skills and general education courses.

Depending on the length of your program, there are a number of mandated general education courses in your program of studies and one or two general education online electives.

General education courses cover areas of general interest and are divided into five themes:

  • Theme 1 – Arts in Society
  • Theme 2 – Civic Life
  • Theme 3 – Social and Cultural Understanding
  • Theme 4 – Personal Understanding
  • Theme 5 – Science and Technology

The knowledge gained from these courses is intended to develop a good understanding of social responsibility and citizenship, and strengthen a student’s ability to participate actively and fully in society.

One or two general education courses in your program are taken as online electives.

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