Welcome AC students and Alumni to the Information Security Unit website! Here you will find resources to help you become better informed of current cyber vulnerabilities and threats as well as suggested safeguards that will help protect your mobile phone, portable computing and home computing environments. We want you to have a cyber-safe mobile learning experience while studying and working at AC!

It is important to note that the cyber criminals are specifically trying to steal your personal and credit card information so that they can ‘monetize’ it on the ‘black’ market. Students are perfect targets because they have A-1 credit scores, they rarely check their credit information, they often download untrusted applications and they participate in vulnerable online, social networks, whose sole purpose is to use your personal information for commercial gain.

Please take a few moments to safeguard your technology and valuable data and learn safe computing practices.

Check out our Tip Sheets for a few security tips that will get you started.

And don’t forget: Stop. Think. Connect.