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Find informative tourism resources

It’s the time of year that has most of us dreaming of travelling. The Library has great collections of ebooks that can be useful resources for Tourism students.

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How to deliver a presentation that will knock the socks off any audience

We believe anyone can master the art of public speaking when given the proper tools. Fortunately, there are resources available in the Student Learning Centre, as well as through the Library, that can help you give good presentations.

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Give a Book, Get a Book

The Ottawa campus library has a new Book Exchange! You may have spotted the new bookshelf in the front entrance of the library.

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Exercise your Freedom to Read!

February 26 – March 4 is Freedom to Read Week in Canada. Even in 2017, books are continuously being challenged. This event encourages Canadians to appreciate the intellectual freedoms we have, including the right to read what we want to read.

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Find current ebooks on technology with Safari

Students today have to be up-to-date on current technology. Luckily, through the Library, you have access to Safari: a digital resource collection that provides access to current ebooks on technology.

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Have a Blind Date with a Book

Still looking for that perfect date this Valentine’s Day? We have some excellent candidates on display at the Woodroffe library!

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Get research help for assignments with Ask the Library

Many of you will have started to work on important assignments that require some research. Our Ask the Library service allows you to contact Library staff who can give you advice for finding the right resources.

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Find useful resources for your classes using One Search

The Library’s One Search platform makes it easy to find useful resources for your classes.

Read our blog to learn more about how to use One Search to find what you need.

Start your semester right with the Ottawa campus SLC

If you need to review some of the fundamentals that you might have forgotten, or need help with College learning technologies such as Blackboard, the Student Learning Centre (SLC) at the Ottawa campus can help you!

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