Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Frequently Asked Questions for Bachelor of Science in Nursing

How do students register for their courses?

Students who have been admitted to the collaborative BScN program make their course selections and modifications through Rabaska, which is available through the University of Ottawa’s InfoWeb via uoZone

Where do students find the BScN Course Sequence?

Students can find this by visiting the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Health Sciences website and clicking on the Pembroke Campus link under the Bachelor of Science In Nursing category.

Is there a Handbook where I can get more information?

Yes, a Student Handbook is being prepared for new students and will be on this website before the start of fall classes.

How do students find out what elective courses are available?

Pembroke Campus students can choose from these electives for the fall of 2014:

Fall 2014:  HIS1111   20th Century History; PHI1101   Reasoning and Critical Thinking; DCC2303   Legal Aspects of Human Rights (also offered in winter)
Winter 2015:  ENG1121  Literature and Composition 2; PHI1102   Moral reasoning; PSY1102   Intro to Psychology – Applications; DCC2303   Legal Aspects of Human Rights (same courses as fall)

Where do students find information on paying tuition?

Students can find this on the University of Ottawa’s Tuition Fees webpage.

How do I know when to pay, or when exams are and other important dates?

Go to the University of Ottawa website to see the Important Dates and Deadlines.

Does the Pembroke Campus have a Residence?

The Pembroke Campus does not currently have a student residence; however, students are able to secure housing in the local area surrounding the campus.  A new student housing complex with beds for 50 students is being built in time for fall 2014.  This complex and other housing opportunities can be found on our Pembroke housing list.

How does the whole collaboration thing work?

The University of Ottawa and Algonquin College have partnered to meet the demand for RNs in the province by enabling more students to train in more areas.  Students who attend the Pembroke Campus receive the same training that a student would receive at the University’s main campus, and when they graduate they receive a degree from the University.  Algonquin College is simply the deliverer of the program.

Do students complete all four years in Pembroke?

Yes.  Students who begin the BScN program complete all four years at the Pembroke Campus.  However, some specialized clinical placements do occur outside of Renfrew County.