Outdoor Adventure: The most exhilarating college program on earth!

This two-year high-adventure Ontario College Diploma program provides professional guide training with the theoretical and practical skills required to work in the global outdoor adventure industry.

Roughly 50% of the program focuses on outdoor practical training. Students learn a wide variety of adventure activities including whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, winter survival camping, alpine skiing and mountain biking. In addition, students take part in several multi-day expeditions. Not only do students gain internationally recognized certifications, but they also gain theoretical knowledge in the business side of the industry through courses, such as: computer applications, accounting, risk management, industry analysis, leadership and ethics, marketing and customer service and communications. 

“Algonquin College’s campus in Pembroke, Ontario, is on the shore of the Ottawa River, where some of the best whitewater in the world lives. For students who want to become both proficient play boaters and creek boaters, this is the perfect place.”

Rapid Magazine