Helping You Succeed

When you apply to a full-time program or want to register in certain continuing education courses at Algonquin College, you may be asked to take an admission-eligibility assessment. These assessments let you demonstrate your readiness and ability to succeed in the program you’ve chosen and make sure you’ve selected the right starting point at Algonquin.

For all Algonquin College Programs & Assessments, we advise that you “Apply Early, Test Early” *

* Please see “Your Assessment Results” –> “Can I rewrite my Accuplacer Assessment?” 


If you are applying to an Algonquin College Health program which requires you to write the AC-HPAT™, please note the following: 

  • All AC-HPAT™ Assessments for applicants who wish to begin their program Sept. 2017,  MUST BE COMPLETED  by Feb. 24, 2017. 
  • All AC-HPAT™ Assessments for applicants who wish to begin their program Jan. 2018,  MUST BE COMPLETED  by TBA, 2017 . 
  • It is highly recommended that you write this assessment as early as possible.
  • Applicants who write after this deadline MAY be waitlisted.

Accommodations for a Disability / former IEP

If you have a disability and/or you had an Individual Education Plan (IEP) at your former institution, you MAY be eligible for testing accommodations for your admissions assessment.  For more information, please see:

When to Complete an Assessment

Before booking an appointment to complete an assessment for admission to an Algonquin College program, you must have:

  • applied to an Algonquin College program through
  • been notified by the Registrar’s Office that you must complete an assessment. If you are unsure of which assessment to complete, contact the Registrar’s Office.

It is advisable to complete your required assessment(s) as soon as possible and at least 5 weeks before your program commences.  If you are unsuccessful, you are permitted one re-write per application period, but there is 30-day waiting period between re-writes.  You want to ensure that if a re-write is required, it is done before the startup of your program.

What it Costs

The standard admissions assessment fee is $50 (subject to change). For assessments administered in the Test Centre (C224), you can pay by cash, debit card, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express at the Test Centre (C224). Personal cheques are not accepted.

IMPORTANT: CAL Assessments in E304e and remote (i.e., out-of-town assessments) assessments can ONLY be paid by credit card You need to be aware that there are NO REFUNDS for remote and CAL requests/assessments.  

Please note: If you complete your assessment at a location outside of Algonquin College, you may be charged additional fees by the testing institution and the candidate is responsible for these costs.

FEES:  Select Test Centre assessments fees are as follows:

  • External (i.e., non-Algonquin ) exams:
    • $60.00 (for 3-hrs or less – Private institutions; MTCU; outside Ontario Institutions; Athabasca U. – subject to change)
    • $50.00  (for 3-hrs or less – Ontario post-secondary Institutions – subject to change)
  • OntarioLearn Exams (i.e., non-Algonquin OL) :
    • $50.00  (subject to change)
  • All Full Time Admissions Assessments (FTAA) and Part Time Admissions Assessments (PTAA):
    • $50.00 (for 3-hrs or less; excluding CPA, Academic Upgrading – subject to change)

Booking Your Assessment

You are strongly advised to complete your assessment at one of the Algonquin College Test Centres at the Ottawa, Pembroke, or Perth campuses. Use your
Algonquin College student information system (ACSIS) account to book an appointment to complete your assessment.

It is your responsibility as an applicant to select the correct date, time and assessment within the guidelines of the Test Centre, and to also meet any deadlines.

Click here for more information on Booking Your Assessment.


Applicants outside the National Capital Region (Out of Town / Remote Assessments)

If you live farther than 100 km from the Algonquin College campuses in Ottawa, Pembroke, or Perth, you may request to complete your assessment at a college or university testing centre in your local community.  You can view a listing of colleges and universities within Ontario here.  Please note that some colleges and universities in Ontario do not offer testing services, so you will need to call the college or university in your local community to determine if testing services are available.  We promote writing admissions assessments  only in post-secondary or approved private learning institutions – NOT  high schools, businesses, or public offices.

For more information on how to book an Out of Town Assessment, click here.

Where to find us

The Test Centre is located in Building C, C224 at the Woodroffe Campus (1385 Woodroffe Avenue).  Click here to view a map of the Woodroffe Avenue Campus.