ACE Computers

Course: DAT3000

The Ace Online Computer course has been designed to address new computer users with very little (if any) experience regardless of their physical location and/or computer equipment available to them as much as possible. It is not based on a specific operating system and/or application program(s), although specific examples are used throughout the course. The course starts with the hardware and software (2 types) followed by the introduction and skills necessary for students to feel comfortable with the computer environment and management skills necessary to be able communicate online with the instructor as soon as possible. It then moves forward to address common student questions and concerns and then introduces additional communication tools, such as the Internet. Ethical issues and safety are then approached in a scenario-based manner to ensure excellent understanding when using the computer as a communication tool in the largest Wide Area Network (Internet). Students are introduced to generating documents from start to finish based on four of the main types of application software necessary in today's society of technology.


Prior to registration for any ACE Distance course students must complete the 20-hour Learn to Learn Module.

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DAT0110 Computer Skills is an equivalent in-class offering of this course.

Once you've completed Learn to Learn module you could be eligible for the following intakes. 

Online Learning
Section Date(s) ModePrice
800 Jan 10 - Jun 13OnlineN/A* See footnote
842 Mar 1 - Aug 2OnlineN/A* See footnote

* Online registration not available for this section. You must register by phone, or in person. For further information please refer to the Registration Info page.

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