Basic Business Mathematics

Course: QUA2210

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The essentials of arithmetic and its applications, including fractions, decimals, percentages, mathematics of buying and selling, payroll, taxes, depreciation and inventory are examined. Students are introduced to the mathematics of finance, including simple and compound interest, annuities, sinking funds, amortization and consumer credit.

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842 Mar 1 - Jun 7Online$524.60 Register Online
843 Apr 3 - Jul 10Online$524.60 Register Online
On Campus - Woodroffe
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521 May 16 - Jul 20 Tue, Thu 6pm - 9pm $509.60 Register Online
Online Learning
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800 May 9 - Aug 15Online$524.60 Register Online
841 Jun 1 - Sep 7Online$524.60 Register Online
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