Body and Nutrition

Course: HLT0001

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Do you feel stressed out? Do you eat when you're not hungry? Are you tired all the time? These are only some of the side effects of not living a balanced lifestyle. This course will teach you how to put control back into your life. In the first half of the course, we analyze how nutrients breakdown and work together in the body. In the second half, we discuss issues and theories involving health and nutrition.


Sections 841, 842, 843, and 844 require you to register in the month prior to the course start date.

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800 Jan 10 - Apr 18Online$425.14 Register Online
841 Feb 1 - May 10Online$425.14 Register Online
842 Mar 1 - Jun 7Online$425.14 Register Online
843 Apr 3 - Jul 10Online$425.14 Register Online