Instructional Techniques

Course: TAC5103

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There are many effective ways for adult learners to experience course content and gain new found subject knowledge. In today's complex learning environment, the most successful instructors demonstrate instructional strategies that both respect and challenge adult learners. Through lectures, discussion (synchronous and asynchronous) and various assignments, learners explore a wide variety of instructional techniques including lecture, group discussion, demonstration, icebreakers, case study, brainstorming, debate, fishbowl, collage, role-play, panel discussions and skits. Factors affecting the selection of techniques are also addressed. Learners demonstrate their mastery of instructional techniques through the design and online delivery of a lesson. Instructional strategies or approaches to learning which include a variety of techniques are also covered by reviewing some of the most common strategies including cooperative learning, problem-based learning and action learning. In addition to instructional techniques and strategies, classroom management issues and the use of media and resources are also covered.


Sections 841, 842, 843, and 844 require you to register in the month prior to the course start date. Additional pre-requisite added for Spring 2012: TAC5113 Adults with Learning Disabilities.


TAC5102 AND TAC5112

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