Lighting Techniques

Course: PHO5598

This course is part of the following part-time on campus and/or online program(s):

Explore the key element of lighting in your photography. Learn how to select and apply lighting techniques for your subject matter and the desired effects. Students cover the use of electronic flash, lighting ratios, exposure determination and use of a flash meter. Students also explore a variety of specialized lighting set-ups for portrait, still life or product lighting, as well as techniques for studio and on-location photography. Students require a camera that allows manual control of aperture and shutter speed, a hot-shoe sync cord adapter and an off-camera flash.


A Digital SLR or Mirrorless Camera is required.

Also required:

  • Appropriate camera lense(s).
  • A hot-shoe sync cord adapter.
  • Off-camera flash.


PHO5537 and PHO5539 and PHO5587

All sections for this course are in progress.