TDG for Handlers

Course: SAF0005

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A reliable and cost effective online course covering topics specific to handlers of dangerous goods. Suitable for freight handlers, dock workers, loaders, and warehouse operators. The course combines TDG for Shippers/Receivers and TDG for Documentation Clerks and fulfills training requirements established by Transport Canada.


* Sections 841, 842, 843, and 844 require you to register in the month prior to the course start date. * The certificate of completion will be issued by YOW Canada upon completion of the training module.

Online Learning
Section Date(s) ModePrice
842 Mar 1 - Jun 7Online$76.80 Register Online
843 Apr 3 - Jul 10Online$76.80 Register Online
Online Learning
Section Date(s) ModePrice
841 Jun 1 - Sep 7Online$76.80 Register Online
842 Jul 4 - Oct 10Online$76.80 Register Online
843 Aug 1 - Nov 7Online$76.80 Register Online