The co-op program is designed to meet the needs of our students, employers and the College.  How do we do that?  For employers, we help you hire qualified and motivated staff to fulfill your short-term and future recruitment needs.  Algonquin co-op students gain valuable on-the-job experience and build valuable networks to enhance their chances of getting the job they want upon graduation.  Cooperative Education work terms help to ensure the academic programs can achieve important learning outcomes.

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What is co-op?

Cooperative Education is a program delivery mode that relates classroom learning to the world of work off-campus by formally integrating work experience into the student’s program of studies. The usual format is for students to alternate study terms with paid four-month work terms in appropriate fields of business, industry or government. Co-op is a partnership between students, employers and Algonquin College providing students with work experience to complement their academic training.

What are the benefits?


Co-op employers can recruit students with a strong academic background and real skills to use in the workplace.

The employer has access to a year-round supply of well-motivated and highly qualified students eager to gain experience in the work force. Co-op is a great succession planning tool; employers can evaluate co-op students in a work environment before making a permanent job offer.

To help with the day-to-day workflow, students may be assigned short-term projects where hiring a permanent employee would be impractical or where existing staff is in short supply. The employers and their employees benefit from the fresh ideas and enthusiasm students bring to the workplace. Algonquin Co-op students have solid skills to offer employers.  Participation in Co-op is a great way to increase your company’s profile on campus and within the community as students act as goodwill ambassadors for their employers and the College.  This collaboration can also lead to future partnerships with the College.


Students gain valuable work experience through paid on-the-job training. Co-op placements can lead to full-time employment. Cooperative education enables the student to relate studies to practical experience. Career decisions can now be made with the benefit of a real-world work term knowledge. The work term and the subsequent work term report help to develop the student’s communication skills. The experience acquired enhances the student’s maturity and self-confidence. The salary earned helps defray the student’s educational expenses. The practical employment experience gained through Cooperative education enhances the graduate’s employment potential.  Participating students often have a very positive attitude towards the professional, personal, and educational benefits they have experienced through the Cooperative Education Program.

Whether you are an individual considering a Co-op program, or an employer interested in finding out more, we invite you to browse through our web site and encourage you to contact us at: (613) 727- 4723 ext. 7623 or coop@algonquincollege.com.