The health and community services industry is growing.  The future holds unexplored challenges. You have never had more career options – more opportunities to make a real difference in the lives of people. The skill sets required for health and community professionals are evolving. How do we balance the need to treat illness with community education in health prevention? Our continuing goal is to establish Algonquin College as a site for new approaches to health and wellness education and research. We focus on a wide picture. Healthy lifestyles, fitness and health promotion. That’s why we’re developing a new Health Hub to meet ever-expanding demands. We are among leaders in healthy living education through innovative labs, on-site clinics and work-integrated learning. Join the team.

Authentic Practice for Real Life Experiences

From a Bachelor of Science in Nursing to a diploma in Early Childhood Education, Algonquin College’s School of Health and Community Studies has over 30 programs to choose from that offer up-to-date courses developed by instructors with extensive field experience. Learn by doing. Your success is developed by delivering real healthcare solutions to real patients and clients. The Dental Clinic, Student Massage Therapy Clinic, and the Early Learning Centre offer you exciting, unique one-on-one learning environments.

Opportunities of a Lifetime

Our students come from many backgrounds, but they have one characteristic which bonds them together – they want to make a difference, improving the lives of people, of programs, of institutions. Do you already have a diploma or degree or work experience in the field? Then consider of the unique graduate certificates, intensive programs or advanced standing or bridging programs. Discover a direct path to success.

A 21st Century Vision: The Health Hub

Our focus is to graduate health and community services professionals with a proven set of critical-thinking, problem-solving and collaboration skills required in 21st century workplaces.