Algonquin animator gets Golden Globe nods

Trent Correy

Algonquin College alumnus Trent Correy posing with one of his Oscars


Algonquin College alumnus Trent Correy is in the news — two films he worked on, Zootopia and Moana, have been nominated for Golden Globes.

A recent story in the Ottawa Citizen explains how Correy combined his high-school interests in art and filmmaking by signing up for Algonquin’s animation program.

“Not a lot of schools teach hand-drawn animation any more,” Correy told the Citizen’s Joanne Laucius. “It’s such a good, fundamental way to learn.”

His work at school paid off after his graduation in 2008, when he landed a spot in Disney’s talent development program, eventually working on such films as Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen — and now the Golden Globe-nominated Zootopia and Moana. (Correy was also part of the Walt Disney Studios’ teams that won Oscars for Big Hero 6 and Frozen.) You can see one of the sequences he animated for Moana here.

What’s next? Correy tells the Citizen he’s working on Wreck-It Ralph II, scheduled for a 2018 release. But you’ll likely hear lots more about him before — there’s plenty of Oscar buzz for both Zootopia and Moana.

You can read the Citizen story here, and previous stories about Correy’s award-winning work here and here.

PHOTO: An archival image shows Trent Correy with Disney’s Oscar for Big Hero 6.


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