Field Integration Seminar I

Course: FAM1068

This course is part of the following part-time on campus and/or online program(s):

The integration of theory, field-related issues and personal development is essential for students to formalize a basic understanding of how our community, clients and professionals work together to effect positive change. Students learn to identify, practise and adapt various clinical, organizational and personal skills in a solution-focused manner. Students are enabled to function effectively as an entry-level student in a child and youth care setting.


ENL1902F and FAM0001 and FAM0013 and FAM1054 and FAM1058 and FAM1066 and FAM1255 and FAM1258 and FAM1259 and FAM1271 and FAM1702


FAM1050 and FAM1075

All sections for this course are in progress.