Applied Research Day 13.0


Congratulations to all the winners of the Applied Research Day 13.0  student showcase on Friday, April 10, 2015! All of the projects were wonderful, and we would like to congratulate all the presenters on a job well done!

To learn more, check out the Applied Research Day 13.0 Booklet and the profiles of our Forum Speakers!

Applied Research Winners 13.0

Board Space SystemBest ARI Standalone Project

Board Space System
Students:  Tyler Klepsch; Kyle Kilbride; Jeffery Watson; Eric Robert Dodds; Faith Pickles; Melissa Muldoon; Christopher James; Scott Glennie
Profs: Christopher Elliott; Patti Church; Emily Johnstone


MicroMetricsRunner-up Standalone Project

MicroMetrics – Customer Insight Platform
Students: Nahed Abu Hadba; Nigel Elton; Alex Butt-Piercey; Mila Koeva-Hutchinson



Automate EpoxyBest ARI In-Class Project

Automated Epoxy Application & Curing System
Students: Scott Brien; Benjamin Spitzer; Joey Holland; Charles Sadiq; Bianca Minetto Napoleao
Prof: Sandra Brancatelli



Vertical GardenRunner-up ARI In-Class Project

Automated Vertical Indoor Garden
Students: Mahomri Palacios; Yousef AlHomoud; Joohyuck Kim; Andrew Doucett
Prof: Cynthia Ough Underwood



BarnDoorBest ARI VEB (Voucher for E-business) Project

BarnDoor Productions: Website Modernization
Students: Kwadjo Odapagyan; Aya Ito; Diego Gutierrez; Benjamin Merkley; Patrick Narcisse
Prof: Linda Philp; Su Cheng Lee


Futuro SoccerRunner-up  ARI VEB (Voucher for E-business) Project

Futuro Soccer Academy Website Design and Development
Students: Jalayna Gaboury; Majd Dakwar; Yanrong Zhu; Shaylene Silver; Ethan Wallace; Victoria Fox
Prof: Linda Philp; Su Cheng Lee


Best General ProjectBest Algonquin General Project

Improving workplace environments within hospitals to improve the physical and mental health of healthcare professionals
Students: Stephanie Rossignol
Prof: Alfred Baucom


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