Applied Research

What is Applied Research?

Applied research is focused on applying the latest knowledge and technologies in the creation of useful products, services and processes.

It often involves prototype development, feasibility studies, clinical trials, as well as technical consultation and market research for business, industry and community partners.

Applied research is both different and complementary to basic research, which is primarily focused on the discovery of new academic knowledge through the investigation and proof of new theories and principles.

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Who We Are & What We Do

The Office of Applied Research & Innovation brings together Algonquin College’s talented professors and students with greater Ottawa’s business, industry, and community organizations to collaborate on applied research projects that provide practical solutions to every day issues and create new and innovative products and services.

We focus on helping Algonquin College to:

  • Support social, cultural and economic growth in the external community
  • Enrich student learning
  • Prepare students for the workplace
  • Enhance faculty and staff development

Welcome To Our Centres

The Office of Applied Research and Innovation currently has several centres which focus on specific areas. Click on an image below to learn more.