$4,000 Towards Tuition? Yes Please.

Tuition Contest Photo

Are you thinking about coming to Algonquin College in the Fall of 2017? How does up to $4,000 towards your tuition sound? We thought so. Unleash your inner Spielberg and enter our Tuition Contest for a chance to win big! 

Entering the contest is simple:

  • Create a video using your phone answering one simple question: What do you hope to change by coming to Algonquin College? Be creative when putting together your video! Be it an impassioned monologue or a free style rap, we want to see just what makes you unique in this video, so answer the question in a way  you feel best suits your talents!
  • Fill out the form found here.
  • Upload your video.
  • Await results from our judges, we’ll take it from here!

We will be accepting submissions until January 31, 2017, so break out those smart phones and start filming today! Try to keep your videos to under one minute in length. Brevity is the soul of whit, so make your video short and snappy, with an easy to take away message. And remember, only one submission allowed per person, so be sure to pick your best take!

After all videos have been collected, the judging process will begin! Algonquin College staff will conduct the first round of judging, selecting the top videos they best think responded to the question. After the top videos have been selected, the voting will be opened to the public! After two weeks of public voting, the winner will be selected based on the video with the highest number of votes. Voting opens on April 3rd and ends on April 17th. 

This contest is open for Algonquin College in Ottawa, Pembroke, Perth or Online, giving you even more options when helping shape your educational future. For more information on this contest, please visit here.

Get started, good luck, and have fun!



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