ASK THE EIR: IgniteAC Program Implements Mentorship Open Hours


Entrepreneur in Residence Chris Doré answering questions for potential or current entrepreneurs (Leanna Verrucci / Algonquin College)

As part of the services provided by the IgniteAC Centre, a new resource is available to students, staff and faculty who are looking for advice on their business or business idea.

ASK THE EIR is an extension of the Algonquin College mentorship program started by Executive-in-Residence, Andrew Foti, in 2014 and was designed to answer the need for a more ‘early stage’ mentorship relationship that allows interested persons in the College to interact with the campus Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Chris Doré and ask him questions – any questions they may have.

Billed as a ‘triage’ service, potential or current entrepreneurs can make an appointment during Chris’ open hours to discuss something as open-ended as ‘is my idea worth pursuing’ to something as specific as ‘where can I find an IP (intellectual property) lawyer’ – and everything in between.

No matter what the question or discussion, the role of the EIR is to help people explore building a business and guiding them down the path of entrepreneurship and innovation. 

“Everybody should have a mentor,” says EIR Chris Doré. “The best way to learn is from people who have the experience and have actually done it.”

 Chris began as an EIR in the mentorship program at the Algonquin College Pembroke Campus and is a business generalist with vast experiences ranging from financial modeling to marketing to selling a business. He is a good first point of contact for new entrepreneurs and innovators to get started and keep them on-track.

“Mentorship is all about accountability and also helping people learn from my own and other people’s experiences,” says Chris Doré when asked about his role as a mentor. “I try to help them avoid as many pitfalls as possible.”

Once the first meeting has happened, a follow-up meeting is scheduled or Chris connects the entrepreneur with a mentor better suited to help them more forward with their specific request.

Chris believes awareness of the Centre and its mentorship program is pivotal to all Algonquin College entrepreneurs and innovators to expand their connections and knowledge and he is happy to be the first point of contact for questioning innovators.

“The future of Canada and the global economy is based upon entrepreneurs and innovators,” says Chris. “They make the world a better place.”

The Centre and its tireless team are dedicated to motivating students, staff, and faculty with creative minds and willingness to work hard in constantly evolving world.

Chris is available at both the Pembroke and Woodroffe campuses – times vary – you can email to schedule an appointment.


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