Godfrey Joekumar – Climbing to the Summit of Success

Godfrey JoekumarAs a graduate of Algonquin College and most recently the founder of two active start-ups, Godfrey Joekumar has made his mark at the College and in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Godfrey first completed his degree in biochemistry and biology at the University of Ottawa in 2011 before arriving at the College in 2013 where he graduated from computer programming with honours in 2016.

Also in 2016, Godfrey was a participant of the three-month summer entrepreneurship boot camp, SUMMIT, run by IgniteAC and designed to offer students workshops, offsite events, funding, mentoring, and the confidence to move their ideas forward.

“One of the most useful aspects of SUMMIT was the mentorship,” said Godfrey when asked about his experience in SUMMIT2016. “Mentors motivate you and make your entrepreneurial journey easier by steering you in the right direction.”

In the last year of his academic career, Godfrey founded Startup Launchpad: a club at Algonquin College which has been instrumental in building a strong start-up culture at the College. The club organizes start-up workshops and networking events and hosted the first-ever hackathon at the College. The club is open to all students of Algonquin College.

Godfrey is also a founder of the app BookPort where readers can sell, share, or exchange their books. BookPort is a mobile based platform allowing book readers to connect with other readers in their local vicinity. BookPort should be your one-stop shop for any new and wanted books that are on your to-read list. The BookPort mission is to “create a sharing economy community that connects readers with other like-minded people, to reduce consumption and to make education free.”

“I would not have excelled this much in my business without the support, knowledge, and resources I received from the SUMMIT program and the IgniteAC Centre here at Algonquin,” expressed Godfrey.

Godfrey believes entrepreneurship is fast-growing and constantly evolving. He is content to be involved in pushing the entrepreneurial ecosystem forward and working with his community. Making connections and leaving a positive impact on his community are what motivates him the most.

If you would like to connect with Godfrey or learn more about his start-ups you can visit these links –
LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2eUr9Ud
BookPort www.bookport.ca 
BookPort’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/BookPortInc
Startup Launchpad, Facebook page: www.facebook.com/StartupLaunchp


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