IgniteAC, Algonquin’s entrepreneurial fire starter

ignite_acThe IgniteAC Centre is the one-stop shop for anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset, who is looking for the resources to help get them started. With people like Algonquin College’s own Godfrey Joekumar walking away with not only a successful Algonquin club (Startup Launchpad), but also his own company (BookPort), the IgniteAC Centre has proven that they’re the place to be if you are an entrepreneur, or someone with hopes of becoming one. Below are the top five ways the IgniteAC Centre helps get entrepreneurs off the ground.

1. Mentorships

One of the most important components of becoming an entrepreneur, is surrounding yourself with skilled individuals to help guide you along your way. The IgniteAC Centre helps connect you mentors, from a variety of different industries, that can support you through your entrepreneurial journey, with mentors specializing in a variety of different departments. Need to perfect your sales pitch? They have, or can provide, an expert for that. Legal questions? Expert. General inquiries?  The IgniteAC Centre has, or can direct you to, the professionals available to ensure that your business questions can be effectively answered, with experts ranging from Algonquin staff, to industry professionals throughout Ottawa. Speaking of which…

2. City Wide Network

The IgniteAC Centre understands that one of the strongest resources you can have as an entrepreneur, are the connections you have within your business environment. With connections to programs and organizations such as Startup Garage, Invest Ottawa, Lead to Win and others, the IgniteAC Centre has the network available to create the connections necessary for entrepreneurs to flourish in the city.

3. Welcoming WorkspaceAlgonquin College Essential Study Skills

Any up-and-coming entrepreneur knows that one of the most important steps to being productive is finding an environment that lets you be productive. A space where clutter is minimal, with enough room to allow for the free flow of ideas amongst team members, an area that says “it’s time to get to work”. With reservable board rooms and a large common area complete with white board and seating, the IgniteAC Centre provides entrepreneurs with the environment they need to work in a professional, yet social manner.

4. Workshops

While you may have the knowledge and motivation to make your business dream come true, there is always room to learn more and sharpen your skills. The IgniteAC Centre offers a variety of workshops to make sure you stay at the top of your game, and helps you learn new skills that help you thrive and survive in the business world. Networking workshops, Pitch sessions, Business Model Canvas workshops; all of these and more have been offered by the IgniteAC Centre to ensure their entrepreneurs are equipped with the skills they need.

5. SUMMIT Summer Intensive Boot Camps

One of the crown jewels of the IgniteAC Centre is the SUMMIT Summer Intensive Bootcamp that is held every year. This three month program welcomes entrepreneurs who have a business idea in mind, and gives them the tools, workshops and resources they need to help them achieve their business goals. To cap off SUMMIT, each company is given up to $3,000 for them to move their business forward, and make their entrepreneurial dream a reality.

For more information regarding IgniteAC and SUMMIT boot camps, feel free to contact Leanna Verucci at verrucl@algonquincollege.com or Sahar Faqiri at faqiris@algonquincollege.com


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