Top 10: First week essentials

ACCE - NighttimeNew to campus? Coming back after a long hiatus? Worry not, Ancillary Services has put together a handy list of things to know heading into the new school year!

1. Getting to campus

There are tons of ways to get to campus! Ride your bike and use one of the many bike racks conveniently located on campus. If you’re having mechanical issues, make sure to stop by one of our bike repair stations. 


2. Parking permits

Did you know you can purchase your parking pass online? It’s the easiest way to get you all set up for the new year, we’ll even mail it to you!

26114120345_9186a1cf87_z3. AC Card

Make sure to get your AC Card (student ID) and your U-Pass. These can be used for food, library, and even public transportation!  Submit your photo online to skip the line.

ACcard4. Lockers

Having a locker on campus is a convenient and inexpensive way to store your stuff on campus. To rent one for the upcoming year do so on ACSIS (Algonquin College Student Information System).


5. Connections: The Campus Store

Get all your course materials, books, AC swag, school supplies and more at Connections. You can even shop online!


6. eTexts

Your program may have gone digital! If that’s the case you may not have to buy textbooks. Check out this link to see your options.


7. The Print Shop

Trying to make your projects look professional or trying to print your eTexts? Both are very easy and can be done in person or online.


8. Eating at AC

There are several delicious food options on campus and there is something for everyone! Make sure to check out our meal plans which can help you save lots of money.


9. Keep it on campus

Did you know that when you shop, eat, park, live and print at the College, you’re helping to reinvest in future generations of students!


10. We want to hear from you

Let us know what you think either online or at a kiosk machine. We want to hear from you.

The above content was adapted from the Ancillary Services, the original article can be found here.



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