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Services that support your personal success

Mobile Learning: Anytime, Anywhere, Anyway Learning

We want Algonquin students to be technologically advanced, connected and flexible. Students in mobile learning programs will use their devices to enhance their learning experience, obtain and work with course materials, participate in collaborative and mlearning environments and become skilled, confident users of the technologies used within an educational environment and workplace. Learn more about mobile learning program.

Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) provides a variety of support services to students with disabilities, including:

  • Referral to attendant care in Residence
  • Academic and testing accommodations
  • Learning support services and assistive technology
  • Note-taking
  • Alternative text format services
  • Learning Strategies for organization and memory skills

For more information, call:

Woodroffe and Perth Campus
613-727-4723, ext. 7200.
TTY: 1-866-620-3845.

613-735-4700, ext. 2729.

The Early Learning Centre (ELC) on the Woodroffe Campus is a licensed Campus Child Development Centre and student learning facility. Early Childhood Educators provide a developmentally appropriate full-day program for up to 61 children, aged 3 months to 5 years. Daycare is not available on the Pembroke or Perth campuses.

Counselling Services offers personal, academic or career advice to students in need.

To make an appointment, please call:

Woodroffe Campus
613-727-4723, ext. 7200

Pembroke Campus
613-735-4700, ext. 2804

Perth Campus
613-267-2859, ext. 5610

Employment Services helps to ease the transition from student life to the working world. The Employment Services offices on the Woodroffe and Pembroke campuses offer assistance with résumé writing, job-search techniques and interview preparation.

Mamidosewin Centre for Aboriginal Students, located at the Woodroffe Campus, offers Aboriginal students the opportunity to:

  • Adjust to college life in a warm, supportive environment
  • Obtain personal, academic, financial and career guidance and counseling
  • Occasionally visit with Elders from the surrounding communities
  • Take part in career, health and educational workshops
  • Meet new friends and socialize

Security Services is accountable for the security and protection of staff, students and the College 24 hours/day. The Walk Safe Program is available to students who wish to be accompanied from one place to another on the Woodroffe campus.

Pembroke Campus
The Pembroke Campus employs security guards who are on campus during the day and early evening. The College is also located next door to the Pembroke City Police Department. Emergency phones are available on campus.

Perth Campus
While there is no security personnel on campus, there are video cameras monitoring building exteriors, hallways and the library. Parking lots are equipped with panic phones in case of emergency.

Student Success Specialists
Student Success Specialist are available to offer:

Health Services helps you to stay healthy during your time at Algonquin College. Services vary by campus, but generally include access to flu shots, vaccinations, as well as nutrition and health counselling.