Full-Time Programs

The majority of programs at Algonquin College are full time and in class.

Please click on the term you would like to attend to view a list of the programs which are starting that term. Programs may be listed as ‘Open’, ‘Waitlisted’, ‘Suspended’ or ‘Closed’.

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  • Open programs are those where spaces are still available and are currently accepting applications.
  • Waitlisted programs are ones where all the places in a program have been assigned, but where a waitlist is being kept in case of cancellations. You can apply to a waitlisted program, but please do so with the understanding that all spaces in the program have already been filled. Your chances of getting an offer are contingent on the number of cancellations processed for the program.
  • Closed programs are no longer accepting new applications, as all program places as well as the waiting list have been filled.
  • Suspended programs are those that the college has decided not to run in the nominated semester, but may be run in subsequent terms or years.

These program lists will also contain information regarding the length of the program, its delivery (online or in classroom) and whether it is a Highly Competitive Program. To find out more about Highly Competitive Programs click here.

Winter and Spring Term Starts

You may choose to start certain programs in the Winter or Spring term. This may affect which semesters you’ll be in class for the duration of your program. Check if your program has an off cycle delivery here.