Course Development

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Welcome to Basecamp!
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Framing the Course
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Welcome to Blackboard!
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Developing the Course

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STEP 1: Kick-Off

Contact Us!

Your assigned Curriculum Consultant will guide you through the entire course development process. It is important to contact your Curriculum Consultant and set up an initial meeting before starting to develop your course.

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Part of a New Program Development Team?

If you are part of a new program development team you will be contacted by your Curriculum Consultant to participate in an initial development kick-off meeting.

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STEP 2: Welcome to Basecamp!

Screenshot of the Basecamp interface

Basecamp is an online project management tool that Curriculum Services uses to help guide you through the development process. Your Curriculum Consultant will introduce you to this tool in your kick-off meeting.

Want to learn more?

Visit the Basecamp support website for tutorials on how to use Basecamp.

Basecamp Support Website >

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STEP 3: Framing the Course

Course Outline ScreenshotThe Course Outline and the Course Section Information (CSI) document provide an overview of curriculum at the course level.  Developing these documents is the first step in building your course. With the help of your Curriculum Consultant you will be required to write Course Learning Requirements and create your overall assessment breakdown. At this stage your CSI and Course Outline will be in a draft form which will be finalized at the end of the course development process.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about creating your CSI and Course Outline, click on the buttons below.

Writing Course Outlines Developing Course Section Information (CSI)

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STEP 4: Welcome to Blackboard!

Screenshot of Blackboard HOQAS template

Blackboard is the Learning Management System that Algonquin College professors and course developers use to build and manage their courses. This is where all of the course materials you develop will go. Your Curriculum Consultant will provide orientation and training on how to use our Hybrid and Online Quality Assurance Standards (HOQAS) Blackboard template before you begin developing your course materials.

Want to learn more about Blackboard?

Visit Algonquin’s Blackboard Support website for tutorials on how to use Blackboard.

Blackboard Support Website >

How do I access the HOQAS Blackboard template?

For more information and to access our HOQAS Blackboard template, visit the HOQAS website.

HOQAS Blackboard Template >

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STEP 5: Developing the Course

In this step, you will develop course content and materials to guide students’ success in the face-to-face, online or hybrid classroom. In your Blackboard course, you can create weekly lessons, that which align to the weekly learning outcomes and assessments. Your course should include appropriate required and supplementary resources including learning activities, assessments and textbooks or eTexts. 

Your Curriculum Consultant can provide tips on creating these resources for your course.

Want to learn more?

For ideas and information on developing your course, visit the Curriculum Resources section of the website.

Curriculum Resources >

icon reading HOQAS ApprovedDeveloping a New Hybrid or Online Course?

Don’t forget to submit your course for a Hybrid and Online Quality Assurance Standards (HOQAS) Review. Visit the HOQAS website to find out how!
HOQAS Website >