What is a Hybrid Course Instructional Mode (CIM)?

Icon showing students learning in and out of classA course delivered in the Hybrid (or blended) course instructional mode combines in-class instruction and activities with flexible, guided online learning and activities. Online activities in Hybrid courses engage students with independent, active learning that is directed, performed and/or submitted via a course learning management system (LMS), e.g., Blackboard™.

“What’s In a Name?”

The term “Hybrid” does not imply a rigid set of requirements, but rather makes us think of combining two different elements to create a mixture. Hybrid learning has not been conceptualized to deprive instructors and students of class time; it represents a shift in thinking that urges us to mix of the best of both worlds—engaging classroom contact and the awesome capabilities of online education.

With this in mind, it becomes easier to see that the Hybrid CIM does not require instructors to fundamentally reconceptualise their courses, eliminate existing activities nor add irrelevant features for the sake of technology integration. Rather, setting up a course in a Hybrid CIM involves deciding which aspects of the course work best delivered in the physical classroom, and which could be enhanced through an engaging online component.

What Does a Hybrid CIM Look Like?

A Hybrid CIM allows for many possible combinations of in-class and online instruction, interaction and activities, as well as a wide variety of student deliverables. The typical weekly balance is:

  • F2F Classroom = 2 hours + Online = 1 hour

This pattern occurs on a weekly basis for the duration of the academic term.

Other Hybrid arrangements, such as 1:1, 2:2 and 3:1, are also possible depending on programmatic requirements. In all cases, consistent weekly distribution and engagement with technology is a constant feature.

The online component of any Hybrid course is an integral part of the normative course hours. As in regular F2F courses, students are also expected to complete homework assignments beyond regularly scheduled course hours, with the understanding that the online hour of a Hybrid course is included in the normative hours. In other words, Hybrid is not simply homework.

Need help developing a new or converting an existing course to hybrid?

Contact your school’s Curriculum Consultant to set up an initial development meeting and check out our Hybrid Curriculum Resources.